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In 2004, a guy who I don't know named Jeremy Abbate saw my website and wrote a song called "I Wanna Be As Cool As Jessica Barron." It still amuses me. Here's the mp3 and here are the lyrics.

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August 16, 1999 I'm Going to Burning Man

Burn, Baby, Burn: Tonight I picked up my plane tickets to go out to San Francisco next week for Burning Man. I'm starting to feel some substantial anxiety about the trip. Will I survive camping in the desert for five days? Mindy and I finally came up with an idea for a theme camp, although Lee doesn't think it's exciting enough. I would tell you what it is, but Mindy doesn't want me to talk about it until afterward. You can check out my ticket (and notice how it says "you voluntarily assume the risk of serious injury or death by attending"):

I tried to explain what Burning Man was to my mom, but I don't think she got it. I told her it was this huge conglomeration of spontaneous performance art and people just "acting out" all over the place, but she just kept calling it "that concert you're going to." If you're curious about this Burning Man thing, don't worry. I'm going to take tons of photos and probably shoot some digital video as well. And of course, I'll write a few articles for WildWeb and keep a Daily Desert Journal. It now even looks as though I will be involved in the segment for our TV show as well. I'll let you know when it will air.

Pavement Poems: I'm going to take a brief respite from expounding in technicolour detail about myself to mention that Ms. Hillary Field of Los Angeles (my favorite Boggle-playing buddy) sent a few of her poetic experiments to Matador Records' Pavement Poetry Project. And before her fans could begin to chant "A for effort, B for delivery..." she was listed among the 25 winners! Alas, she laments that the poem she entered under Jeff's name won better prizes than the poem she submitted under her own name. I do think I like the latter one better, but it seems that the peeps from Matador probably wanted to play out the Scrabble metaphor. And you really can't blame them; Scrabble is such a great game.

Allyson Krieger, Miss Thang She Said, She Said: Allyson "Miss Thang" Krieger and I finally wrote our much talked about and long-awaited Teen Vs. Adult TV episode of "She Said, She Said." Alas, I no longer feel as good about the result as I had initially believed. First, as soon as the article went online Lee Charles Baker accused me of messing up his quote. He insisted he would *never* use "overanalyze" and "deconstruct" in the same sentence. Though he *was* copping pretentious attitude with me on the phone when he said the quote, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and changed it to the verbiage that currently sits in the 13th paragraph. Second, I think I lost track of what should have been one of my major points -- the idea that TV shows about teen characters are intriguing because the teen years are a time when people's personalities are being formed. Events that occur during the teen years can have a huge significance on a person's life. Somehow Ray Weigel I neglected to mention this in my article, and for this I should be thrashed. Our "Austin Powers, Hip or Has-Been?" feature came out much better, I think.

It's a Shame About Ray: Ray "yo Jimmy" Weigel is out of our office on vacation for the entire month of August. I am not sure how we are all making it through these difficult days without anyone begging us to meet for drinks at the Rainforest cafe in Burlington. My aural pleasure has certainly declined in Ray's absence. And I am finding that I no longer say "duuude" as much either. Thankfully, Erin and Allyson are making sure the Caption Cornycopia isn't neglected.

Que Sera, Sarah: On Saturday I went over to Sarah's (my dad's ex-girlfriend's) house to visit. I hung out with Sarah, her baby Misha, her husband Iourie, and Iourie's dad who is visiting from St. Petersburg. Iourie's dad convinced me to take a few shots of a drink called, mysteriously enough, "Russian balm." The stuff was scary. MishaSarah made some delicious pasta salad and we looked at old photos Sarah took of my brother and me in the '80s.

Complete-Lee Enjoyable: So you read all the way to the bottom, and you expected to get some details about Lee's visit to the East Coast three week's ago. Nosy, aren't ye? Well, in this case, I am not going to put out so easily. All I'm going to tell you is that Lee passed his NASD test and he's now some sort of uber options broker. I made him a mix tape to celebrate. We got very lost on our first night out in Newark, New Jersey and it took us about two hours to find our way back into the sanctity of the hotel room. We kept seeing the glowing neon lights of our Courtyard Marriot in the distance as we descended and ascended on various on-ramps and off-ramps, but we could never maneuver ourselves over to where it was. I've never laughed so hard during such a frustrating experience. Honestly. I was laughing so hard that I thought my ribs were breaking. And I was driving. This is a good sign, I think.

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